What's Your Story?

Student Reports for the IEP

“Your Story” is a personal narrative about yourself. Being able to tell your story is an important skill that will benefit you when you give your student report during your IEP, when you introduce yourself to new teachers, and when you start attending job interviews.

Your story should showcase you as the “most valuable player” on your IEP team by sharing your strengths, interests and needs! A good way to get your story started is to stage an informal interview with your parent, teacher for the visually impaired or friend. Use the conversation starters below and add your own creative elements!

About Me

Girl with long black hair smiling and sitting with her arms crossed in front of her

Tell me a little bit about yourself…..

  • Who is in your family? What are the names of your family members? What types of jobs do they do for work or school?

  • Do you have pets? What kind and what are their names? Describe them to me. Do they have any silly or special behaviors?

  • Where do you live? Tell me a little about your home and your community.

  • Share a favorite memory or favorite place in the world.


Tell me about some of your positive personality traits...

  • Feelings (happy, enthusiastic, patient, calm, loving, kind, honest, optimistic, faithful)

  • Actions (hard working, helpful, good listener, creative, organized, tidy, polite, lively, silly, talkative, generous)


Tell me about the things you like to do outside of school...

  • Do you have any hobbies (gaming, reading, organized activities, music, sports, volunteer work, etc.)

  • Do you participate in these activities alone or with other people?

  • How do these activities make you feel?

  • What have these activities taught you about yourself?


Tell me about a great accomplishment...

  • When was a time that you challenged yourself?

  • When did you do something that surprised yourself or others?

  • Were others there to share in your success or was it something you accomplished on your own?

  • How did it make you feel?

  • What did you learn about yourself?

Dreams & Goals

Tell me about your dreams...

  • What do you dream of being when you grow up?

  • What skills are you working on now that will help you pursue your dreams?

  • Is there something you've always wanted to try?

  • Is there someplace you dream about visiting?

  • Do you love doing something so much you dream about doing it forever?


Tell me a little bit about your visual impairment...

  • Describe your vision (simple definitions of eye conditions and its effects)

  • What tools or adaptations do you need at home or at school to do your work and to participate in activities. (braille, magnification, assistive technology, white cane, tips & tricks that have worked in the past, etc.)

  • What would you like others to know about you?



  • Share your story with your IEP team at the beginning of your IEP as your Student Report.

  • Share your story with your classroom teachers at the beginning of the year.

  • Share your story with your classmates as Student of the Week or as an Autobiography.


  • Provide Positive Encouragement- Affirm your child’s efforts when they share their successes with you.

  • Help them expand upon their responses. “Tell me more about that.”

  • Summarize what your student is saying back to them as it helps them consider their emotions, values, and actions

  • Tell them about life lessons you’ve learned

  • Talk about how & when you got involved in your career