What's Your Story?

Student Reports for the IEP

“Your Story” is a personal narrative about yourself. Being able to tell your story is an important skill that will benefit you when you give your student report during your IEP, when you introduce yourself to new teachers, and when you start attending job interviews.

Your story should showcase you as the “most valuable player” on your IEP team by sharing your strengths, interests and needs!  A good way to get your story started is to stage an informal interview with your parent, teacher for the visually impaired or friend. Use the conversation starters below and add your own creative elements! 

About Me

Girl with long black hair smiling and sitting with her arms crossed in front of her

Tell me a little bit about yourself…..


Tell me about some of your positive personality traits...


Tell me about the things you like to do outside of school...


Tell me about a great accomplishment...

Dreams & Goals

Tell me about your dreams...


Tell me a little bit about your visual impairment...