These books can be used with any student to engage in a “Yes,” or “No” conversation. 


The idea to create these books came from Jessicia Klenk, a TCVI at the WISD. They were originally created to elicit a “Yes!" or "No!” response as an alternative access form of a Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display (PODD) book with Partner Assisted Scanning for students who use Augmentative and Assistive Communication. (AAC)


Partner Assisted Scanning Tips

•   A method of communication where a partner reads the selections aloud systematically while observing the communicator’s indications.

•   Read using a monotone voice so as not to influence the communicator’s choices.

•   After their response is shared, repeat back to them the full message and then adopt a conversational tone to comment and respond.

The student/communicator will indicate their yes or no choices by their best means:

•   Vocalize for yes, quiet voice for no/keep going

•   Nod head for yes, shake head side to side or no movement for no/keep going

•   The Red X symbol indicates a “No!” response.

•   The Green Zero symbol indicates a “Yes!” response.