These books, about daily and reoccurring routines that happen at school and at home, can be used with real objects in a story box format.  Simply replace the realistic images with actual images of the objects in your story box. The books follow a unique three-part progression to encourage visually attending to an image while learning to label, identify and recognize a specific image by its salient features. So, these books are basically three books in one.

Book 1 puts a focus on encouraging the student to visually attend to an image while an adult labels the image by stating what the depicted object is and providing salient features.  Once a student becomes familiar with the images in Book 1, Book 2 can be introduced.  Book 2 encourages the student to look at the image and identify what they see on the page based on salient feature clues. And then the third book in the progression put the focus on Recognizing a specific image in an array of two images using the prompt Find the _____.