While these books were initially created for Middle School & High School aged students who are in the early stages of image, letter and word recognition, they are fun for all ages!   Experiential learning is a prerequisite for literacy development for all kids and even more important for kids who have CVI. Finding opportunities to actively engage and explore new environments helps to build important conceptual knowledge of the world around them.  Going on an adventure in your community is a great way to make meaningful connections to "what you hear around you, what you see around you and what you feel around you."(Austin Shepherd) I would like to thank my son's WISD Orientation and Mobility Specialist, Kathy Christensen, for always finding creative ways to turn OM outings into educational adventures!  Enjoy the stories as they are or make them your own.  Use the templates to create a unique experience book from scratch!

Who doesn't love an adventure!